Gabriel Hartley’s work combines optical effects and iconic markings on highly textured surfaces. His work summons early Modernism’s play with abstraction and perspective. With bold linear brushstrokes and organic, elemental shapes, Hartley’s forms play with space and movement.

His painterly effects – generated through a mix of gloss and matte paint – convey both a flatness and a depth that produce a palpable sense of tension. The dusty quality of Hartley’s impasto surfaces recall the paintings of School of Paris artist Jean Fautrier.

Hartley fuses seemingly opposing elements: the painterly and the photographic, flatness and depth, and two and three dimensionality. He simultaneously constructs and excavates – building subjects and unraveling them – to create figures at once formative and timeworn.

Gabriel Hartley (London, UK, 1981) lives and works in London. He holds a BA in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Art and Design, London and a Post Graduate Diploma in Fine Art from the Royal Academy Schools, London.

Selected exhibitions include: Landscapes, Seventeen, London, UK (solo)(2018); Reliefs, Foxy Production, New York, NY (solo); A Rose Without a ‘why’. It blooms because it blooms. Carl Freedman Gallery, London, UK (both 2016); Basic Instinct, Seventeen, London, UK; Lozenges, Pippy Houldsworth Gallery, London, UK (solo) (both 2015); The Moving Museum, London, UK (2013); Slap, Praz-Delavallade, Paris, France (solo) (2012); Arte Furini Contemporanea, Rome (solo) (2011); Gabriel Hartley, Swallow Street, London, UK (solo); Jerwood Contemporary Painting Prize, Jerwood Space, London, UK (both 2009); John Moores Painting Prize, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool, UK; and Parade Space, London, UK (both 2008).



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