Gabriel Hartley’s work combines optical effects and iconic markings on highly textured surfaces. His work summons early Modernism’s play with abstraction and perspective. With bold linear brush-strokes and organic, elemental shapes, his forms play with space and movement. The artists’ surface effects – generated through a mix of gloss and matte paint – convey both a flatness and a depth that produce a palpable sense of tension, and recall the paintings of School of Paris artist Jean Fautrier.

Hartley fuses seemingly opposing elements: the painterly and the photographic, flatness and depth, and two and three dimensions. He simultaneously constructs and excavates – building subjects and unraveling them – to create figures at once formative and timeworn.

Gabriel Hartley (London, UK, 1981) lives and works in Tokyo, Japan. He holds a BA in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Art and Design, London, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Fine Art from the Royal Academy Schools, London.

Selected exhibitions include: “OF,” Seventeen, London, (solo)(2020); “Waterwood," Foxy Production, New York, NY (solo)(2019/2020); "The Sleeping Procession,” CASS Projects, Cass Sculpture Foundation, Goodwood, West Sussex, UK; “Landscapes,” Seventeen, London, UK (solo) (both 2018); “Reliefs,” Foxy Production, New York, NY (solo); “A Rose Without a ‘why’, It blooms because it blooms,” Carl Freedman Gallery, London, UK (both 2016); “Basic Instinct,” Seventeen, London, UK; “Lozenges,” Pippy Houldsworth Gallery, London, UK (solo) (both 2015); “The Moving Museum,” London, UK (2013); “Slap,” Praz-Delavallade, Paris, France (solo) (2012); “Arte Furini Contemporanea,” Rome (solo) (2011); “Gabriel Hartley,” Swallow Street, London, UK (solo); “Jerwood Contemporary Painting Prize,” Jerwood Space, London, UK (both 2009); “John Moores Painting Prize,” Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool, UK; and “Parade Space,” London, UK (both 2008).

Hartley’s works are in the permanent collections of the University of Chicago; Hood Museum of Art, Hanover and the San Antonio Museum of Art.



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