New Location & Chatham Square Opening:

Foxy Production is pleased to announce Chatham Square, the inaugural exhibition at our new Chinatown location in New York City. The new address is 2 East Broadway, 200, New York, NY 10038, USA. The new space is designed by London-based architects MATHESON WHITELEY, their first project in the United States.

Chatham Square is the historic intersection the gallery looks onto. The confluence of eight streets, the square was also once the junction of two elevated railways. Chatham Square, the exhibition, reflects this history of synthesis, of traffic flows, and of local connections. It includes painting, video, drawing, sculpture, and collage by Michael Bell-Smith, Sascha Braunig, Ellen Cantor, Petra Cortright, Sara Magenheimer, and Travess Smalley.

Michael Bell-Smith presents collages on aluminum. Using laser-cut adhesive vinyl, the artist integrates design elements, typography, and figures to produce unique works that mine the histories of animation, Modernist painting, and Internet visuals.

Sascha Braunig presents portraits in oil that appear to both avow and disavow the figure. Foreground, middle-ground, and background shift into and out of her subject’s armature-like bodies in paintings that are at once vivid, playful, and anxiety-inducing.

Ellen Cantor’s works on paper integrate childhood characters, such as Barbie, with graphic lines and dots. These abstract elements fuse onto and around her iconic figures, giving each work a sense of disengagement, where the familiar and reassuring become odd and unnerving.

Petra Cortright’s semi-abstract digital painting on linen is an intense, riotous field of colors and forms. Its flowers, horizontal plane, and landscape orientation combined with its painterly gestures and geometric shapes give it the sense of a hallucinatory Disney woodland scene.

Sara Magenheimer’s new video is a mix of music, still images, and text that together produce semi-abstract poetry. Likewise, her wall sculptures are configurations of disparate elements–photographs of young women, numbers, shaped wire, household objects–that synthesize a visual lyricism.

Travess Smalley presents a new series of compact digital paintings on aluminum that feature duplicated abstract sections. Recalling Warhol’s screen-prints’ plays with repetition, Smalley’s works use the process of printing as both their subject and form.

Installation photography: Mark Woods.

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