Foxy Production is pleased to announce Free Peel, Sascha Braunig’s latest solo show at the gallery. Combining the subtlest of color variations with vibrant neons, the exhibition comprises oil paintings on both linen and paper, and a bronze sculpture. Introducing a sense of narrative to her work, Braunig imagines her subjects in action mode. Despite their flat, perforated, or wire-frame anatomy, they struggle to liberate themselves, peeling away from the architecture that binds them, squeezing against their restrictive armatures, or teetering across uneven ground. The interplay of the paintings’ subjects, colors, and graphic forms, together with the drama of their lighting, costuming, and depth-of-field, conjures scenes of desire, conflict, and transcendence.
Cuirasse is a wall-based bronze breast-plate with a red-brick patina and a surface of crimped curves that recalls the textures of some of the artist’s painted figures. The sculpture can act as either a defensive shield or a means of defiance.
For the first time the artist is exhibiting a series of her paintings on paper, which are an integral step in the making of her paintings on canvas. Exhibited together on one wall, they keenly illustrate the breadth of artist’s distinctive vocabularies of color, form, and subject.

Photography: Mark Woods.


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