Foxy Production is very pleased to present MARGINAL EDITIONS / TEN MARGINAL YEARS, an exhibition of artist prints produced over the last 10 years by master printers, Marginal Editions, New York. The works expand the definitions of the artist print, using a range of printing techniques, including letterpress, silkscreen, linoleum, and woodcut, and often combining collage and pencil, among
other elements.

Works by:

Glen Baldridge
Arno Beck
Elizabeth Blomster
Sascha Braunig
Katie Commodore
Ian Cooper
Grayson Cox
Alex Dodge
Rob Fischer
Elana Herzog
Erik Hougen
Jane Kent
Matt Keegan
Anna Knoell
Butt Johnson
Corinne Jones
David Kramer
Sara Magenheimer
Florian Meisenberg
Robert Medvedz
Jamisen Ogg
Ester Partegàs
Sterling Ruby
Mae Shore
Stefanie Victor

About Marginal Editions:

Marginal Editions was established by Brad Ewing in 2007 to work primarily in the art of letterpress and silkscreen and in the last decade has worked with over 50 artists from across the US and Europe. Marginal Editions has participated in 5 Editions/ Artist’s Book Fairs, New York, and most recently exhibited at the Art on Paper Fair, New York, 2017. Works from Marginal Editions are in the collections of the Whitney, MoMA, and The Met, New York.

Marginal Editions would like to thank Erik Hougen, Jim Koss, Marco Lawrence, Leslie Miller, Mike Neff, Andrew Raftery, Mae Shore, Brian Shure, and all the artists Brad Ewing has worked with over the
last 10 years.

Click for PDF of prints.

Installation photography: Charles Benton.

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