Foxy Production presents Disintegrating Identities Morph into One Solid Rainbow, the first New York solo exhibition of LA-based artist, STERLING RUBY. Ruby probes the amorphous nature of marginal environments and activities. Materials and gestures mark sites of violence, sex and drug-use, forming a charged exhibition of risk and rapture.

Ruby’s work is fuelled by an exciting visual fluidity and emotional intensity that slices through popular culture, art history, psychology and politics with a raw and daring vision. Disintegrating Identities combines sculpture, video, drawing and photography to explore transient substances, spaces and psychologies. Creating an unruly visceral space, spray painted plywood walls act as a backdrop to a sculptural web of platted hair extensions, dyed latex, wool, and glazed ceramics. In the video, Transient, Ruby suspensefully explores corporeal dissolution and abjection: Survivalist rituals performed in LA’s wastelands are inter-cut with dreamy pans of a ceramic sculpture, while a disturbing voice tells of being kidnapped as a child and how the experience has informed a surreal state of mind. In a series of drawings using found photographs, nail polish and pencil, Ruby morphs depth and surface: the geometric disintegrates into the organic and signifiers of desire leave residues of violence and deterioration. Two large photographs evoke a monstrous and beautiful fragility: in Bed of John, tarred sandbags form a wound-like cavity adjacent to a cindered trash bin, while in Spectrum Tree, an isolated vandalized tree is embedded in a hallucinogenic landscape.

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