Foxy Production is pleased to present ANDREI KOSCHMIEDER’s inaugural New York solo exhibition Android Koschmieder. The exhibited works hybridize the techniques of painting, sculpture, and digital imaging. Through a combination of epoxy resin, painterly inks, and enlarged digital images, Koschmieder translates the experience of contemporary technology into multi-layered, visual forms.

With their shifting, animated materiality and embedded marks resembling otherworldly fossils, the works coagulate into vibrantly colored sci-fi screens. Through an inventive process of enlarging digital images onto stained resin casts — Koschmieder prints out sections of an image onto foil and then presses them, still wet with ink, onto larger pieces of paper, which are then bathed in resin – digital space is eerily translated into gallery space.

Either hanging from custom-made clamps or wrapped together into human-scaled columns, the works are fluidly multi-dimensional in form: the wall pieces are spotlighted like projected film cels that draw out their skin-like transparency; the floor pieces appear almost hologrammatic in their modular construction. Their layering creates rich visual incidents as their digital imagery emerges from within their variously liquid, smooth, corrugated, or cracked resin surfaces.

The images implanted in Koschmieder’s hybrids draw on advertisements of tech-gadgets as much as they do anatomical drawing, art history, and cybernetics. The artist focuses on the human hand, that base unit of the anatomical study, manual artistry, and touchscreen technology: the works show hands gliding through page after page of digital information in as much a dystopian operation as an enlightening one. The works juxtapose vivid luminous surfaces that seduce the viewer, with rough, razor-like edges that threaten those who dare to glide their fingers across them.

Installation photography by Mark Woods.


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