Foxy Production presents CLOUD, a group exhibition curated by London-based artist Gabriel Hartley. Cloud revisits and expands upon Surrealism, focusing on how its formal and aesthetic themes have been appropriated by a range of artists. The exhibition includes work by Sascha Braunig, Talia Chetrit, Vincent Fecteau, György Kepes, and Daniel Sinsel.

Cloud takes the work of Hungarian-American artist, designer, and educator György Kepes (1906-2001) as a starting point. Originally an assistant to László Moholy-Nagy, Kepes interpreted Surrealism through the lens of design and technology. Wavering on the edges of abstraction, his photograms – made by manipulating exposed photographic paper – and paintings, rendered in paint and sand, share a processed texture and an industrial beauty within a complex psychological space.

Sascha Braunig’s paintings and drawings portray biomorphic figures through an Op-art filter. Her works in Cloud conjure distorted and alluring beings: jarringly colored, ambiguous figures whose gestures undermine their robotic anonymity and whose geometric patternings clash with the curvatures of their bodies.

Talia Chetrit’s photographs of objects and surfaces use deceptively simple strategies to study pattern, texture, and light. At times recalling Moholy-Nagy, her works’ use of zoom, focus, and depth of field, among other devices, creates visions where the boundaries between planes and objects seem to lose definition. 

Vincent Fecteau’s papier-mâché forms embrace primordial sculptural virtues, celebrity culture, and interior design. Fecteau’s Untitled (2010) is a purple and brown abstraction made from papier-mâché, wool, paint, and wood. Its modest scale, everyday materials, and familiar coloring belie an odd, emotional sub-scape.

Daniel Sinsel composes elegant paintings and sculptures that are imbued with gentle musings on time, desire, and displacement. Evading direct readings, his works evoke a quietness that is simultaneously fraught and peaceful. His untitled sculpture in Cloud depicts a theatrical silver lance piercing a wooden plinth: on close inspection, the weapon’s aluminum point resembles curvaceous folds of skin. Recalling Magritte’s plays with illusion, Sinsel’s paintings undermine perceptions of both abstraction and object-hood.

Sascha Braunig (Qualicum Beach, BC, Canada, 1983) is based in Portland, ME. Recent exhibitions include: Foxy Production (solo); Simon Oldfield Gallery, London; and the Bridgehampton Biennial (all 2011).

Talia Chetrit (Washington, DC, 1982) is based in New York City. Recent exhibitions include: Renwick, New York (solo); Marlborough Cheslea, New York (both 2011); IMO Projects, Copenhagen (solo)(2010); and Museum of Contemporary Art, Miami (2009).

Vincent Fecteau (Islip, NY, 1969) is based in San Francisco. Recent solo exhibitions include: Greengrassi, London (2010); Matthew Marks, New York; San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (both 2009); and the Art Institute of Chicago (2008).

György Kepes (Selyp, Hungary, 1906) was educated in Budapest and worked in Berlin and London before moving to the USA in 1937. He studied painting before later investigating film, photography, and design. He became a leading design educator and was the author of the influential Language of Vision (1944). Kepes died in 2001 in Cambridge, MA.

Daniel Sinsel (Munich, 1976) lives and works in London. Recent solo exhibitions include: Office Baroque Gallery, Antwerp; Chisenhale London (both 2010); Gallery Micky Schubert, Berlin; and Sadie Coles HQ, London (both 2009).

Installation photography by Mark Woods.


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